Quality management system

The specialists of our company developed, approved and implemented a policy for quality of designing, according to requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard. This policy is part of the general commercial policy of PJSC "E&PE "VNIPITRANSGAZ", which is aimed to reach the major purpose – a continuous growth of the quality of the work under designing and includes a complex of measures directed to protect life, health of the personnel and environmental safety. The system of quality management is planned, analyzed, implemented and mastered as a set of interconnected processes. Correspondence of quality management system to ISO 9001:2008 standards is confirmed by Certificate, issued by «Bureau Veritas Quality International»

Successful application of the design quality management system is secured by:

  • A high level of engineering qualification of our specialists supported by their practical participation in designing of various projects,
  • An organizational structure of the company, which is based on mutual ties between inner departments inside the company and on personal responsibility of each particular employee,
  • Procedures for each stage of designing and estimation of the project documentation on each stage of its development,
  • Client's participation in monitoring the quality of each stage project documentation,
  • Procedures to prevent shortcomings of the projects under design and planning,
  • End-to-end analysis of the quality of the project documentation inside each internal
    department of the company controlled by a specially designated specialist,
  • Soft and hardware, which is constantly renewed,
  • Market investigations aimed to predict demand and supply trends in the sphere of scope and
    quality of engineering services,
  • Continuous improvement of means and methods of quality management.

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Company news:


During November 23-24, 2017 the LEAR of JSC "EPE "VNIPITRANSGAZ" on the GASVESSEL Project Mr Boris Shvets took a participation in the Face to Face Meeting on the development of the WP2 Work Package.

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