Quality management system

The specialists of our company developed, approved and implemented a policy for quality of designing, according to requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard. This policy is part of the general commercial policy of PJSC "E&PE "VNIPITRANSGAZ", which is aimed to reach the major purpose – a continuous growth of the quality of the work under designing and includes a complex of measures directed to protect life, health of the personnel and environmental safety. The system of quality management is planned, analyzed, implemented and mastered as a set of interconnected processes. Correspondence of quality management system to ISO 9001:2008 standards is confirmed by Certificate, issued by «Bureau Veritas Quality International»

Successful application of the design quality management system is secured by:

  • A high level of engineering qualification of our specialists supported by their practical participation in designing of various projects,
  • An organizational structure of the company, which is based on mutual ties between inner departments inside the company and on personal responsibility of each particular employee,
  • Procedures for each stage of designing and estimation of the project documentation on each stage of its development,
  • Client's participation in monitoring the quality of each stage project documentation,
  • Procedures to prevent shortcomings of the projects under design and planning,
  • End-to-end analysis of the quality of the project documentation inside each internal
    department of the company controlled by a specially designated specialist,
  • Soft and hardware, which is constantly renewed,
  • Market investigations aimed to predict demand and supply trends in the sphere of scope and
    quality of engineering services,
  • Continuous improvement of means and methods of quality management.

Public information:

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Company news:

08.08.2018р. в Посольстве Туркменистана в Украине состоялась встреча

08.08.2018р. в Посольстве Туркменистана в Украине состоялась встреча между Послом Туркменистана в Украине г. Аманмурадовым Н.А., Послом Грузии в Украине г. Думбадзе Г. и руководством ПАО «ИПП « ВНИПИТРАНСГАЗ», во время которой ПАО « ИПП «ВНИПИТРАНСГАЗ» презентовало Европейский проект транспортировки сжатого газа «GASVESSEL».

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Technical meeting with members of the Consortium GASVESSEL

July 11-12 2018, PJSC "EPE "VNIPITRANSGAZ" held a Technical meeting with members of the Consortium GASVESSEL (companies NAVALPROGETTI SRL, DOW Germany, CNGV, CHC, CENERGY, ABS, SINTEF OCEAN).

The main topic of the meeting was VNIPITRANSGAZ's proposals on the structure and facilities of terminals for loading and unloading.

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