Designing works

The priority task of The Public Joint Stock Company "Engineering & Production Enterprise "VNIPITRANSGAZ" is to fully meet all demands and requirements of a customer in terms of designing and engineering.

We always try to find a mutually beneficial compromise between the requirements of energy and economic efficiency, technical safety and reliability of the facility under design and environmental protection of its surroundings. Our projects are always done in time and we always know what our client is looking for.

Our main advantages are professionalism and high qualification of our specialists. Our projects are executed in a timely manner. We always know exactly what our customer wants.


  • Designing of main gas pipelines, oil pipelines and products pipelines having compressor and pump stations;
  • Designing of gas pipeline branches, systems to supply gas for residential areas and individual users; Designing of gas flow metering stations and gas flow meter runs; Designing of systems of communication and systems of cathodic protection;
  • Construction of gas, gas-condensate and oil fields as well as marginally producing fields;
  • Construction of underground gas storages;
  • Designing of gas refineries;
  • Designing of complex gas conditioning plants; Designing of hydrocarbon condensate-to-engine fuel processing plants; Designing of gas liquefaction and separation plants; Designing of plants for air separation and production of technical gases;
  • Designing of oil tank farms and farms for storing petroleum products, designing of warehouses for storing hydrocarbon condensate, propane-butane, gasoline and other hydrocarbons and lubricants;
  • Designing of multifuel motor vehicle refueling stations (any grade petrol, motor oil, compressed natural gas and propane-butane) and designing of garage type stations;
  • Designing of industrial buildings and houses.

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Company news:


During November 23-24, 2017 the LEAR of JSC "EPE "VNIPITRANSGAZ" on the GASVESSEL Project Mr Boris Shvets took a participation in the Face to Face Meeting on the development of the WP2 Work Package.

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