For young professionals

Success and reputation of our company are based not only on its financial and technical means and capabilities. Of great importance is, which might be the most important one, the collective potential of our employees and the skill of our managers to make an effective use of it.

Nowadays the managerial people of PJSC "E&PE"VNIPITRANSGAZ" pay a particular attention to not material assets of the company.

Today it is evident that the effective and advantageous system of knowledge management will soon lead to the situation when flourishing will be those companies, which get to know how to make any staffer interested in self-development of his capabilities.

Today the managers of the company do everything possible to have a continuous process of training of the company's employees.

Our principle is "Self-Improvement - an Integral Part of Success Both of the Person and the Company".

Our specialists can teach many things, because they have many years' experience in terms of designing and engineering.

Should you have more detailed information about our activity, do not hesitate to visit our web site. You can read there about our history, kinds of activity, principles and services.

To keep our employees informed about latest events in the life of our company we have also Intranet, which enables our staffers to exchange professional news and information.

A press department of VNIPITRANSGAZ releases a weekly press bulletin informing the people about new projects of the company as well as new developments of the international gas and oil business.

Training is streamlined in three directions:

  • Labor Organization - To raise the level of professional qualification and skills of the employees the managerial staff of the company makes arrangements for educational training sessions and workshops each year, such as "Project Management", " Time-Manager, " Strategic Planning and Establishment of Strategically Oriented Companies, "Emotional Appropriateness ", "Meeting Management", "Presentation Technique", "Delegation of Authority" and many others.
  • Professional Training - Tremendously important is qualification improvement outside the company (attendance of workshops and courses) as well transfer of the professional knowledge and skills from the older generation of the specialists to the generation next.
  • Mastering new programs and techniques such as AutoCAD, AutoDesk Architectural Desktop 2004, CADWorx, ACTPA, MagiCAD, Plant 4D et cetera.

When employees learn something new it means that our Company learns it too. As long as we are capable to acquire new knowledge we are still young and make progress!

Public information:

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Company news:

28.01.2021 Проектні роботи: «Технічне переоснащення компресорної пускового повітря шляхом заміни повітряних компресорів ЗГП-12/35 на дотискувальній компресорній станції Опари» (Будівельні роботи та поточний ремонт).»

За результатами відкритих торгів укладено договір на виконання проектно-вишукувальних робіт по об'єкту «Технічне переоснащення компресорної пускового повітря шляхом заміни повітряних компресорів ЗГП-12/35 на дотискувальній компресорній станції Опари».

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29.12.2020 Проектні роботи:"Реконструкція дотискувальної компресорної станції "Богородчани"" (Будівельні роботи та поточний ремонт).

За результатами відкритих торгів  укладено договір на виконання проектно-вишукувальних робіт по об'єкту: "Реконструкція дотискувальної компресорної станції "Богородчани".

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